5 things clients look for when choosing a class-based business

Jun 22, 2017

Whether you run a CrossFit gym or a yoga studio, a tutoring center or a circus school, your clients come to you because they want to improve themselves in some way. The journey for each client is a personal one, so they’ll be heavily invested in finding a business that feels like the right fit for them. 

A basic guide to understanding merchant processing

Jun 20, 2017

If you find yourself easily frustrated by merchant processing, you’re not alone. It has to be one of the most confusing parts of managing a retail business. In this post I’ll do my best to explain what it is and how it works in a way that we all can better understand it. 

Understanding your competitive analysis: 4 things to consider

Jun 15, 2017

In an earlier post I talked about how to conduct an analysis to determine your business’ competitive advantage. Today I’ll dive more into what to do with your results. Afterall, it doesn’t matter if you know what your advantage is if you aren’t using it.

13 Pike-tested office activities to raise staff morale

Jun 13, 2017

As we talked about in a recent blog post, there are
many factors that contribute to staff retention rates. One of those factors is staff happiness. At Pike13, we keep up morale by putting aside work for an hour or so and coming together to have a bit of fun. 

The Reasons Why I'm excited about Pike13

Jun 09, 2017


My first official day as a new member of the Front Desk family was March 27th. As soon as I finished my new employee orientation (great benefits and perks), I began mapping out my calendar and highlighted June 1st. In just 2 months, we would need to rename and rebrand the company. Front Desk HQ would now be found at Pike13.com.

Welcome to Pike13

May 31, 2017

The software you trust to be a partner to your business, now with a new name and look.