Why You Should Celebrate Your Clients' Birthdays
Posted by Rui Zhang

Celebrating your clients’ birthdays is an easy and effective tactic for client retention. By acknowledging the day, you show your client that they are a valued member of your community. That kind of personalization fosters long-term loyalty and is great for your business. 

You don’t have to take any extravagant actions. An email or a personal greeting at the door when it’s close to your client’s birthday can do a lot. Here are a few things to consider when reaching out:

Show Thankfulness 

Assuming your client isn’t brand new to your business, thank them for spending their last year with you. Remember that they could have gone to one of your competitors but instead, they chose you. If your client is relatively new to your business, let them know how much you are looking forward to achieving success together over the next year.

Celebrate Achievement and Growth

Make your clients feel special by celebrating their growth over the last year. It could be they’ve moved up to a more advanced skill level, completed a certain number of visits, or got out of their comfort zone to try new things. Reminding your clients about all they’ve achieved in the last year will help them visualize what they can accomplish in the year to come.

Use a client's birthday as a reminder to celebrate achievement and growth

Reflect on the Past Year

Don’t just recognize achievement. Celebrate the relationship built between clients and coaches and the moments you’ve shared together. Is there a fun, interesting, or even embarrassing (but endearing) memory you can bring up? Remembering these moments can be a lot of fun for everyone.

Build Your Relationships

Taking a moment to say Happy Birthday, reflect on the past year, and look forward to what’s ahead creates a bond between your business and your client. This kind of personalization trumps any kind of traditional marketing you could be doing, and as the years go on you’ll have more and more memories to share with your clients.

Tracking Birthdays in Pike13 Premium Reporting

Premium Reporting, powered by Looker, helps track client birthdays so you don’t have to worry about missing one. It’s best to recognize a birthday on the day of or in the two weeks leading up to it, but don’t feel like you can’t say anything if you’re a week or two late. It’s not unusual at all for a business to celebrate birthdays for the whole month.

Where to Find Client Birthdays in Premium Reporting

Find the reports on client birthdays by navigating to Clients and Staff under Looks. Because these reports are new, we've starred them and for now they'll appear right at the top of the list. 



Premium Reporting uses a Today’s Enrollments for Clients with Recent or Upcoming Birthdays report. This shows the list of clients enrolled today whose birthday is coming up or just passed. Your front desk staff can use this report to know who has a birthday coming up so they can greet them appropriately when they come into your facility for their class.


To see a list of all clients whose birthday is close (whether they’re enrolled in a class that day or not), you can use the Recent or Upcoming Birthdays report. 


Keep Staff Informed With Automated Emails

You can keep your staff informed by scheduling the Recent or Upcoming Birthdays report to be delivered each morning. That way, they know which of the clients they’ll be seeing that day have birthdays coming up.


To only send the email when there are results from the report, you can open Advanced Options, and choose “There Are Results” under the “Send This Schedule If” drop-down. 


By upgrading to Premium Reporting, you’ll gain access to these Looker reports and the many others that help you engage with clients and track the health of your business. You can upgrade to Premium Reporting by contacting a Pike13 account manager at


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