How Pike13 Can Help You Find More Money Right Now
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

Software is great at tracking data. It can tell you how much money is in your bank account right now, how much was in it yesterday, and how much was in it this time last year. But the data itself becomes much more powerful when you use it to take action.

Pike13 offers several reports that help you measure business health and identify opportunities for increasing revenue flow. But there’s one Pike13 report in particular that can help you increase monthly revenue starting right now by finding money that's already yours.

Current Invoices Past Due

It seems like such a simple thing to pay a bill on time, but unpaid invoices are a huge problem for small businesses. When clients don’t pay on time, it affects business from financial reporting to employee wages.

Being able to easily access a list of unpaid clients is crucial for a business owner. Knowing who those clients are allows you to quickly follow up with them before it becomes a critical problem. It can be frustrating and stressful contacting clients to ask for money, but the good news is that most clients just need a small nudge to pay up.

How to Find the Report in Pike13

It’s so important to quickly follow up with unpaid clients that Pike13 offers a shortcut to the report. From the main Reporting screen, head over to Financials, and look for the Current Invoices Past Due quick view report under Invoices.

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There could be hundreds of dollars waiting for you each month–don't let it slip away!

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