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Using Favorites to Customize Reporting in Pike13

Pike13 Analytics & Reporting makes accessing your data easy by allowing you to add frequently needed reports as Favorites.

Quickly accessing data is a crucial element in making sound decisions for your business. But when you’re a busy owner, you don’t have time to spend hours crunching numbers and running reports. That’s why having the right software is so important. It can keep track of those numbers for you so all you need to do it take a quick peek to see where the health of your business stands.

Pike13’s Analytics & Reporting makes accessing your data even easier by allowing you to add frequently needed reports as favorites. Stay current on revenue and client activity with filters to track metrics such as closed transactions, past due invoices, future visits, most recent visit, unpaid visits, and new clients.

After you have finished setting filters in a report, click the + Add favorite button in the top right corner of the report. You will be prompted to add a title and a description, we recommend that you include the filters you used to build the report in the description.

Create a Favorite report with a dynamic date range that updates as the calendar progresses from week to week, month to month, or even year to year.  Use the middle drop down menu on any date based filter to make sure that your saved favorite report always reflects the current or the most recent date range. 

If you are an existing customer please feel free to contact an Account Manager at amteam@pike13.com to discuss Pike13’s reporting functionality, including the Insights dashboard.

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