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Stay on Top of Yesterday's Transactions with Pike13's Premium Reporting

With so much to be gained from daily sales data, every business owner should stay on top of the metrics. Pike13's Premium Reporting helps you do it.

As a business owner, you already know that tracking your money matters. You need to be able to pay the bills, compensate your staff, and handle client issues without any surprises. But balancing the books isn’t the only reason to keep an eye on your revenue. 

The Importance of Yesterday’s Data

In addition to staying informed about how business is doing, tracking daily sales matters for several reasons:

  • Spot the Abnormal: If you look at your data every day, you’ll be able to immediately spot when something isn’t right and take action.
  • Forecast Revenue: Track your daily sales so you can forecast your weekly, monthly, and annual revenue.
  • Meet Your Weekly Goals: Know how much sales income you still need to make that week to meet your revenue goal.
  • Optimize Number of Staff and Classes: Understand how many classes to run and how many staff members to have on the clock each day in order to make more money than you spend. 

With so much to be gained from the data, every business owner should stay on top of their daily sales metrics. Here's how to do it with Pike13's Premium Reporting.

Pike13 Premium Reporting: Yesterday's Transaction Report

Powered by Looker, Pike13’s Premium Reporting makes it easy for you to work checking yesterday’s sales data into your daily routine.


The Yesterday's Transactions report shows every accepted and settled transaction made the day before. Each transaction is broken down by Product Type, Payment Method, and Revenue Category to make it easy for you to check up on the various areas of business and spot any anomalies.    

To make things even easier for you, Premium Reporting allows you to schedule a daily email delivering this report to your inbox as a PDF or CSV file. 


By clicking on "Advanced Options" you can customize the email options for variables like time zone. 

PRO-TIP: Looker gathers data from your Pike13 site, so for the fastest turn-around schedule your report to be delivered early in the morning when clients are less active. In our experience, between 2am and 4am is best. 

Use Data to Reveal Long-Term Sales Trends

Over time, all that daily data compiles a fuller picture of business health. Plan and Pass revenue tells you which classes and plans are most popular. Retail sales tell you which products your clients like, but also if your clients are satisfied enough with your business to spend money on branded gear. Keep checking your data, and it will continue to reveal business insights.

Upgrade to Pike13's Premium Reporting Powered by Looker

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