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Two-Way Sync Pike13 Contacts With 200+ Other Apps Using PieSync

Two-way contact synching through PieSync allows you to update client data in one app and see the change reflected on your other app in real-time.

Pike13 is pleased to announce a new partnership with PieSync. One of the highest-reviewed iPaaS in the market, PieSync allows you to control the way your contact data flows between different business applications. 

What is PieSync?

With two-way contact syncing, you’ll be able to update client data in one app and see the change reflected on your other app in real time. This decreases data errors and ensures your team has access to the most up-to-date information. 

Watch this video for a 60-second overview: 



How Does PieSync Work?

The most popular feature in PieSync is a set of “if-this-then-that” rules, which allow you to filter your database according to attributes, tags, lists, etc. A set of pre-built attributes are provided by PieSync for your convenience, but you also have the ability to manually set up the rules your way. 


PieSync can connect Pike13 with more than 210 other business applications. But if you don’t see the app you’re looking for, you can put in a request to have the app added, and vote with other users on which new apps should be prioritized. PieSync releases a new application every Wednesday. 

PieSync and Pike13

PieSync will work with any Pike13 plan. To begin using it, you’ll need to sign up on the PieSync website. A separate subscription with PieSync is required to begin using PieSync with Pike13. 

There is no installation required for PieSync. After a 5-minute setup, a variety of features to customize the workflow between the business applications you are using will be available to you. If you have questions, additional support is available in the PieSync Help Center.

Learn About the Pike13-PieSync Partnership

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