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Product Features, Morale Boosters, and Six New Dogs - Pike13 Updates

Product Features, Morale Boosting Ideas, and Six New Dogs. Spring 2021 Updates from Pike13.

In the past few months we have celebrated many of our customers reopening their doors. And like them, we’re looking ahead to what comes next. Here's the latest from Pike13:

Where We're Headed - Product Updates

Pike13 has always had a stellar security rating, and our developers are implementing new features to make it even better. We're updating our payments process to reduce the amount of touchpoints when processing sensitive data, which means fewer points of vulnerability and more security for your clients.

We've also done some backend work on our Client and Branded Apps to ensure a smooth user experience on every device. The apps are now fully compatible with both iOS and Android, and this also sets the groundwork for some big client-facing enhancements we have planned for this year.

New Year, New Faces

The Pike13 team is growing. We've added several new people to our team and we plan to add a few more. The fresh ideas and energy they bring with them has us all pumped for we have planned this year, and we're working on some big things.

Very importantly, new employees also mean new dogs. Meet Chico, Chancho, Cooper, Parker, Greta and Navi. Pinch us, we're in heaven.  


After a year, we've all pretty much adjusted to working remotely. Keeping social engagement up has been the bigger struggle. We like each other a lot, so not being able to meet in person has been tough on our team. But in the end, all we had to do was get a little creative. Some of our events have been a hit, others were questionable, but all of them made us laugh. We're happy to share our ideas with you, and we invite you to share your ideas with us, too!

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That Purple Feels Familiar

Have you noticed that our website is looking a little bit different these days? The content is modernizing, but the look is going retro. The updates will continue over the next month, with the goal of providing a sleek website that can quickly get you to the information you need.


Our longest-tenured customers may recognize the purple that pops up on our site–it was the original company color when we launched in 2012.

Looking Good, RIKR!

The team at RIKR won our first ever caption contest on Instagram. In addition to getting some sweet Pike13 swag, they earned a free month of Pike13!


Keep an eye out for our next contest for your chance to win, too. We'll announce them on the Pike13 Instagram Account.

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