An All New Look: This is Pike13
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

Our past will always be a part of us, reflected in our signature green. But after our name change last summer we spent a lot of time talking about our values and identity as a company. And slowly, we’ve stopped being “Pike13, formerly known as...” and embraced who we are–Pike13.

Today we’re letting go of a little more of our past. Our new website reflects a year of personal growth and a vision to keep moving forward. It reflects our #pikeproud identity.

There are practical updates, too. We’ve made some navigation improvements and we’re updating our resources library with new content. We updated our live chat feature to make it easier to communicate with our product specialists, and you probably already noticed that the blog has a whole new look.

We know we aren’t perfect. If you notice a problem with the new website send us an email at to let us know.

Our name change marked the end of an era. But it was also a beginning. The Pike13 team is stronger than ever, and we’re excited for what comes next.


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