Creating Parent-Child Relationships in Software with Pike13
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

Building a kids program at your business opens up another revenue stream and a whole new audience for the types of classes you offer. But kids programs are also more complicated than an adults-only program, and need to be approached carefully. You’ll have to keep in mind that your clients aren’t just the kids, but their parents or legal guardians too. 

One way to support underage clients is through dependent management software. Here’s how creating parent-child relationships in software is supported with Pike13.

Account Manager / Dependent Relationships

Pike13 recognizes that an underage child may be too young to manage their own schedule. That’s why we make it easy for parents to take the lead. By setting up Account Manager / Dependent Relationships, you can allow the parents of your kid-clients to book and pay for their child’s classes. 

It is possible to set up two people as Account Managers for a Dependent–for example, both parents can manage their child’s schedule. It is also possible to add multiple dependents under an Account Manager. 

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Because underage persons cannot legally sign a waiver for themselves, their parents or guardians will need to do so for them. Pike13 makes this easy by linking guardian waivers to the Account Manager’s account. That way, adults can easily see and sign waivers for their child. Pike13 saves all waivers so that they are accessible at any time by you or your clients. 

Push Notifications

Pike13 makes it easy to remind clients of their upcoming classes through email or mobile push notifications. But not every kid is old enough to have a phone/email or manage their own schedules. With Adult / Dependent Relationships, parents can choose to receive these notifications instead of, or in addition to, their children receiving them. 

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