5 Blogs Every Gym Owner Should be Reading
Posted by Nolie MacDonald

Being a successful gym owner starts with a vision and grows through your continued need to understand business trends that will help you thrive. We at Pike13 recommend finding blogs that inspire and educate you. Here are our 5 top picks every gym owner should be reading. 

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The Franchise King 

Joel Libava has become famous in the franchise world for his modern, smart take on franchise opportunities for interested investors. He has huge readership and his featured articles are a great place to start learning the ropes of owning a gym franchise without getting too bogged down in technical language.

Mobility 101

Matthew Ibrahim is a mobility pro, and his blog is packed with useful tips and explanations for maintaining a full range of motion, avoiding injury and recovering from nagging issues that face gym-goers over time. His site is a tremendous resource in the fitness world.

Social Media Examiner

From the basics of Facebook and LinkedIn features to in-depth analysis of SEO and increasing web presence, the Social Media Examiner is a top-notch resource for beginners in the industry.

New York Times Fitness Blog

A well known fitness blog by the New York Times covers the world of health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle as thoroughly as you’d expect from one of the world’s most famous news sources. It’s cutting edge and widely read, so don’t skip this one if you’re interested in owning a gym.

Gym Insight Blog

Gym Insight exists to make gym owners’ lives easier. Their blog is simple but comprehensive, offering up all sorts of ideas for programming, client acquisition, and strategic planning.

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