What Can a Marketing Bot Do For Business?
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

How much of your business do you automate? Have you ever considered automating client interaction? Not too long ago it seemed ridiculous that a computer could replace person-to-person interaction. But technology has evolved, and today marketing bots are an effective tool for prospecting and client retention.  

What Does a Marketing Bot Do?

Depends on what you need it for! There are lots of different kinds of bots designed to handle different aspects of business operations. If you run a class-based business like a fitness studio, these are the two functions for your website that you’ll find most useful:

Chatbots Can Handle the Initial Conversation

Do clients come to your website to book services? There are probably times they have questions, especially if they’re new clients. A chatbot can answer many of those questions. You can set up the bot to offer basic information like business hours, or even handle more complex processes like walking the user through booking a class. It all depends on how much work you put into setting up the bot workflows.

Email Bots Improve Business-to-Client Communications

You already know how important communication is to client retention. Email is a great way to stay in touch, and email bots deliver the automation that makes it easy. Remind clients of upcoming classes, alert them to account issues, or wish them a happy birthday without ever having to think about it.

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Bots?

The benefits of marketing automation are saved time and reduced stress. Here are a few more you might consider:

Convenience for You and Your Staff

After the initial setup, bots take much of the work out of your hands. Chatbots interact with prospects, and more importantly capture contact information, even when you aren’t there. You’ll only need to follow up if there’s a problem. Email automation means you don’t have to worry about the daily notifications like class reminders.

Improved Client Experience

Clients are able to actively engage with your business and find the information they need whenever it’s most convenient for them, even if it’s 2am. If the chatbot can’t answer their questions and you still need to follow up with them later, you’ll have their contact info.


Chatbots and email automation ensure that things don’t get missed. Emails are captured, birthdays and other events are acknowledged, and conversations are saved in your records. Once you set up your workflows, you won’t have to think about them beyond general maintenance.

Ironically, automating communications actually gives you more time to interact with clients. That’s because you won’t be stuck behind a desk answering emails and reaching out to clients with individual reminders. Let software handle some of that burden for you.

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