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Improve Client Communication with Pike13 Notes

Personalize messages, easily deliver them, and store them for later reference. Here’s how you can improve client communication with Pike13 Notes.

Effective communication is a critical part of client retention. Clients trust your business when they feel both informed and listened to, so it’s in your best interest to open up as many channels of communication as possible. Pike13 offers a way to connect with your clients through the Notes feature. You’ll be able to personalize messages, easily deliver them, and store them for later reference. 

Here’s how you can improve client communication with Pike13 Notes: 

Keep track of client information privately

When you have a lot of clients, it might be difficult to remember details about each one. Creating a private note within Pike13 allows you to store information about your clients that you and other staff members can quickly refer to before a class. Keeping this information will allow you to connect more with your clients on a personal level, making them feel more supported at your business. It also means that if your client is going to another instructor for the first time, that instructor can check Notes for anything they might need to know.

use notes to communicate with clients and keep private notes just for staff

Share information with your clients

In addition to private notes that are for staff eyes only, you can also create a public note that you can share with your client. You might share progress notes, talk about how your clients are meeting their goals, or discuss what you might like to work on next time. All of your sent notes are stored within Pike13, so you’ll be able to easily refer back to them at any time. 

Share class summaries with parents

Parents almost always want to know what happened during their kid’s class and how it went. The notes feature in Pike13 makes it easy for an instructor to write up a summary of class and share it with their client’s parents. The parents are able to stay informed and involved, and the summary serves as a good reminder of what happened in each class and can help track progress over time. 

The Pike13 Notes feature is available to all Pike13 customers. Talk to an account manager today to see how you can leverage Notes to improve client communication and increase overall retention.

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