Welcome Letter Ideas for Your New Gym Members

Check out our welcome letter ideas for your new gym members. Make new clients feel welcome in your community.

How do you welcome new clients to your gym? You probably introduce your staff, offer a tour of the facility, and talk about your classes. And, chances are, you follow up with a welcome email or letter. 

But what should you include in your welcome message? How much information does your new client need? If you need help with getting started on your gym welcome letter, take a peek at our suggestions below.

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Welcome Them

Ok, this one is kind of obvious. But this is a great opportunity to say more than just "welcome" to your new client. Explain (briefly!) why you got started in this business and express how grateful you are that they've chosen your gym. And let them know they are getting way more than a membership; they're getting a community.  

Make new clients feel welcomed in your community

Congratulate Them 

Congratulate your new clients on starting their latest fitness journey! Signing up can take a bit of self-negotiation and a real boost of courage, don’t you think? Especially if they’ve never had a fitness membership before, or they’ve been out of the game for a while. 

Offer Resources

Let your new client know where the most important resources are, such as your schedule. This will help your new client feel more comfortable and confident. It also just makes things easier for them!

Talk About The Perks  

You've probably already talked about this with your new clients, but use your welcome email to remind them what they are receiving in addition to endorphins and a healthier body. Fill them in on all the perks like their membership options and reward programs. 

Be Excited for Them

Maybe they're joining just in time because you're getting ready to launch THIS new class and THIS new class and you hope to see them there! And what about all those exciting upcoming events, special offers, and personal fitness guests? Let them know!

Thank Them

Sign off your welcome letter by again thanking your new client for choosing your gym. Remember, they had other options and decided you were the best! 

Next Steps 

In our opinion, a welcome letter isn’t the space to educate new members on your gym rules because that's a good amount of information to cover. Instead, consider splitting them up into two separate documents. Create one as a welcome letter and the other as a new member welcome packet. Or better yet, use your waiver to give them your code of conduct.

A welcome letter says, "I'm so happy you're here." A new member welcome packet is where you educate new members and go over gym policies, gym expectations, and gym rules. It's also where you go more in-depth on the special offers, membership options and reward programs you touched on earlier in your welcome letter. 

Good luck on getting started! We hope you found these tips helpful.

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