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Take Your Business to the Next Level with Your Own Branded App

Get a customized branded app for your personal services business, customized to your Front Desk at a price you can afford.

Have you ever thought about getting a branded app for your business? With adults spending nearly three hours everyday on their smart phones, it can be well worth it for small businesses to invest in a mobile app.

If you’re thinking, “My business can’t invest in a mobile app right now,” we hear you. Mobile apps can be expensive to build and time-consuming to maintain, and are often out of reach for a small business. 

But at Pike13, we don’t believe that there’s anything small about your business. As owners of box gyms, yoga studios, music schools, dance schools, and so many other businesses in the personal services industry, you deserve the same opportunities to connect with your clients that larger businesses may take for granted.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new feature for Pike13 customers:
A branded app, customized for your business at a price you can afford. 

Just talk to your account manager to get started with a branded app for your business!


Your Logo, Your Colors, Your Brand.
The Branded App isn’t Pike13’s – it’s yours. Customized to your business, your app will strengthen your brand and distinguish you from your competitors. When your clients open your app, they’ll see your logo and colors, not Pike13’s.

The Quick Access to Scheduling Your Clients Expect.
Whoever your clients may be – athletes, musicians, dancers, swimmers, and more – the Branded App is built for their use.

An app icon on the home screen of your client’s mobile devices means immediate access to your business and your services – no calling the gym, no checking the website schedule, no finding a computer, no typing in a URL, no logging in again and again. Your business is top of mind, on their home screen. You’re always a tap away.

The Added Ease You and Your Staff Need.
When clients can easily enroll ahead of time, staff can spend less time verifying check-ins during class, and more time helping your clients meet their goals. They’ll feel more prepared, more focused, and more in control of their schedules.

And the best part? There’s no extra work for you. The Branded App connects to your Pike13 site, automatically updating schedules and class rosters.

It’s easier for your clients, easier for your staff, and easier for you. What are you waiting for?


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