Pike13 Partnered with Perkville for Rewards Program
Posted by Nolie MacDonald

Pike13 partnered with Perkville to offer seamless integration for reward points. With Perkville you will be able to customize rewards for purchase activity, enrollment, referring a friend, posting their experiences on social media and more. Perkville is a great tool for helping your business integrate with your existing Pike13 client data, reward customers based on purchase and enrollment activity, retain customers and grow your business through referrals.


perkvillerewardssetupCreate custom rewards in minutes. You can reward your customers for spending money, taking classes, referring friends, posting to social media and more. Perkville also offers free onboarding and a point calculator so that you can choose rewards that are aligned with best practices for your industry.


Perkville allows you to keep your customers engaged by prompting them to refer friends and promote your business on social networks. Meaningful engagement is a key ingredient to customer satisfaction. Your customers will be delighted that there is an option to earn points for attending a class, purchasing a package and advertising their experience on Twitter. 

By improving customer satisfaction through a variety of ways to earn rewards you will also in turn create loyal customers that keep coming back for more.


With Perkville, you’ll see more referrals, an increase in customer retention and more social media about your business. Grow your business by advertising your rewards program with Perkville's marketing templates for flyers, emails and social media blasts. 

Integration with Pike13

Perkville is an automated rewards and referral program that syncs to Pike13 every 15 minutes. This means that you can spend more time running your business and less time managing your rewards program.

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