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Smooth Moving with Auto Enrollment

August product update that features waitlist enhancement with addition of auto enrollment. Making business run smoothly, saving time and increasing revenue.

There's been some changes to Pike13 in the last month. Waitlists now allow for auto enrollments. 

What does this mean?

Before if someone cancelled, your staff had to go in and manually add clients from the waitlist. Now, all you have to do is click a few boxes and Pike13 will automatically enroll the next client on the waitlist.

Your clients will be notified that they've been enrolled, and can easily cancel themselves if they can no longer attend. And because you can customize the cutoff time, there's no need to worry about clients being added too late. Check out the help section on how to set it up.

With this enhancement you're going to increase revenue and save time.

Increase Revenue: This will allow your team to confidently sell more memberships because your clients can trust that classes are full and they're not missing an opportunity. 

Save time: You and your staff no longer need to manually add clients or check the schedule constantly. That means more time working with your clients - and less time at your computer. 

This feature has been tested by Pike13 members via our Beta program. If you're interested in participating in future activities, customers can sign up here. Here's what one Pike13 member had to say about the new waitlist feature:

Easy to find, and easy to understand!

- Chris of Redefine Fitness


  • Communicate the change to clients. It's now on them to remove themselves from the waitlist if they no longer want to join that class. This is helpful in eliminating no-shows.
  • When setting the time for auto enrollments to end, consider the class time. An evening class may allow auto-enrollments up to an hour before hand, but the 5am class should stop the night before. 

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