Running Better Retail Sales at Your Gym
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

Many gyms offer retail items for purchase as an additional revenue channel. Retail options usually include branded clothing items and relevant equipment like water bottles and towels that a client might need. Occasionally, you may want to run a retail promotion to clear inventory or generate excitement about something new. Here are a few tips for running better retail sales at your gym:

Stock The Right Stuff

This is relevant before you even consider running a promotion: are you stocking retail items that your clients are interested in? If you run a gym you should be selling the items your clients might need to enjoy your services, such as athletic wear, yoga mats, towels, water bottles, etc. Items like these are more likely to catch the eye of your client than something not related to the fitness industry. Plus, if your client arrives unprepared they have an easy way to stock up on what they need.

Target The Right People

Remember that your clients have a lot of options for where to buy their gym clothes and equipment–when they choose your products it’s because they’re investing in your brand and your community.

That’s why your marketing campaigns should be focused on your existing longer-term clients. New clients are less likely to want to invest money in your retail as they are still determining whether your gym is their gym. But your loyal clients, however, will be proud to wear your brand.

Discount To Clear Inventory

Retail discounts are fairly straightforward. Sales are used frequently to clear inventory at the end of the season–for example, putting your winter beanies on sale come summertime. Sales may also accompany milestone events for the business, such as an anniversary sale, or social holidays like National Fitness Day (Celebrated on the first Saturday of May).

Discount to Sell Classes

You might also consider a retail discount as part of a larger promotion: Purchase a gym membership and get a free t-shirt! Purchase a 5-pack of classes and take 50% off any retail item! Retail discounts can be added on as an effective perk to make another promotion seem more appealing.

Use Retail to Support Community

Retail is unlikely to be a major revenue source for your gym, but it still plays a very important function for your gym. It allows your staff and clients to unite under one brand, which sends a powerful message to clients and prospects alike. Existing clients will enjoy feeling that feeling of community, and prospects will be more drawn to your business because of it.

Don’t Discount Too Often

Sales work because they create a sense of urgency. If you have discounts running too often clients will never purchase anything at full price, knowing that they can just wait for the next sale. Take a look at your calendar to plan out event sales in advance, and otherwise stick to seasonal sales to help clear out inventory.


Target Your Communications

The biggest driver of retail sales is awareness, so the marketing goal is to get the message out in the channels that your existing clients are already reading. Consider including a sign at your front desk, having instructors mention the sale at the start of classes, and displaying the products with fun photos on social media and sending a targeted email announcing the promotion. These are all great tips for creating an amazing customer journey.

Don’t forget that your clients are your most effective marketers. Encourage them to take photos with their new gear and post them on their social channels. Each time they do is an endorsement for your business.

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