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New Updates from Pike13 Expand Virtual Class Support

The latest product updates from Pike13, plus new partnerships with Intelivideo and Piesync support on-demand video and two-way contact data syncing.

It’s been a busy month at Pike13. New product updates have expanded Pike13’s ability to support your virtual class schedule on both the admin and client sides. We’ve also formed new partnerships with Intelivideo for on-demand video, and Piesync for two-way contact data syncing. 

Here’s what we’ve been working on: 

Subscription-Based, On-Demand Video Through Intelivideo

Intelivideo allows you to launch a video channel for your brand. Organize content by category and monetize it by charging a subscription fee for your members.


On-demand video content can grow your client base and helps you engage with clients from a distance and even outside of business hours.  

Two-Way Contact Data Sync Through PieSync

We’ve partnered with PieSync to expand contact data syncing functionality with Pike13. Unlike most third-party integration services, PieSync synchronizes data two-way. This means that whenever you add or update your customer profile data in either one of the connected applications, that change will be reflected in the other app in real time.

New Enhancements in Pike13

Our developers have been working hard to keep rolling out updates to help support your virtual business.

Confirmation Emails

The shift to virtual has changed how clients register for classes. Since travel time is no longer an issue, a client might register for a class just minutes before the start time. With that in mind, our team updated confirmation emails to send out immediately upon enrollment. Before, clients would only receive the email when enrolling more than an hour before the start of the event. This new update ensures that all enrolled clients will have the link they need to access the class. 

Public Note Notifications

We’ve changed the timeline for how and when public notes are sent. We removed the 10-minute delay and roll-up functionality; now all public notes are sent individually once they are added to a client's profile or the service. This ensures that last-minute changes to the schedule, including the link for the class, reach your clients quickly so they don't miss out.

Reminder Notifications

We have added more information in the reminder notifications. They now include the date and time so your clients can easily identify whether the notification is for something happening today or later on.


The top notification is the improved experience while the bottom example is what it used to look like.

iOS Client App Updates

Shows Notes

The Branded and Client App now shows public notes! This makes it easier to share virtual class links through the apps.

Password Resets

Clients can now reset their passwords from the client app, on iOS devices only. Previously they were only able to reset their passwords from the website.

As always, visit the Pike13 Help Center for all the latest product updates, as well as tips and tricks for using Pike13. We hope you find our newest enhancements helpful!

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