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Marketing Virtual Classes: Tips From a Business Consultant and Studio Owner

Many studios offer virtual classes, courses, and on-demand libraries right now. With so much online “noise” how can you make your offerings stand out?

Many studios are offering virtual classes, courses, and on-demand libraries right now, and these can provide a lot of opportunities for your fitness business. But with so much online “noise” how can you make your offerings stand out? Here are some ideas I’ve used with my own clients and in my own studio to help you stand out.

Market to Your Existing Audience

This is your low hanging fruit. I always start here. Your local audience already knows and loves you, so make sure they know about your online offerings!

Focus on clients that have not yet attended your virtual classes. Reach out to them via email (or even phone!) and give them a special virtual intro offer so they can sample your online offerings.

Target Repeat Clients With Pricing

As a general rule I never recommend free introductory offers. An occasional free sample virtual class on social media can help potential clients see inside your virtual classes, but giving away your services attracts clients that won’t value your services and probably won’t come back. 

I recommend making your virtual intro offer about 50-60% of the full virtual price. For example, if your monthly unlimited virtual membership is $75 per month, your virtual intro offer would be around $39 for 30 days of unlimited virtual classes.

Once someone purchases your intro offer, you can nurture your relationship with them and market your regular monthly unlimited virtual membership to them. I use a refined process with every client that engages them and dramatically increases client retention.

Update your Website

When I work with a customer, I try to look at their website through the eyes of one of their clients. Make sure you have a clear, intuitive and user-friendly website that highlights your introductory offer and pricing structure. If you are offering in-studio and virtual classes right now, clearly separate these on your site.

Then go through the process of purchasing a package, registering for a class, and logging into the virtual class. The process should be clear, smooth, and easy. 


Use Social Media

Try to keep your audiences on each social media platform engaged with high-quality content, video clips with class samplings, and attention-grabbing images. Show your audiences what it “looks like” in your virtual classes and communicate the benefits of your online community. 

Once you have your audience’s attention, don’t forget to include a call-to-action. What do you want them to do after viewing your post? Visit a landing page with a special offer, register for an email list, or visit a specific page on your website? 

Facebook and Instagram are usually the “go-to” platforms, but don’t forget YouTube (where people go to look for workouts!), Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. You can add videos to your social media platforms showing viewers a sampling of your classes, but you can also post videos of instructors giving tips, client testimonials–the list is endless!

Promote Your Virtual offerings on Your Blog

If you don’t already have a blog, it's a great time to start one. This is a place you can promote your virtual offerings, link to social media, and keep your audiences engaged. Write articles about how to balance new challenges during a pandemic, benefits of the types of services you offer, and how to overcome technology barriers for online classes. Include links in your blog articles for your website, other blog articles, and special offers for your virtual classes.

Pay for Online Ads

If your budget allows for paid ads, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are a great way to get your business in front of new audiences. Since more people are spending more time at home right now, they are also spending more time scrolling through social media feeds and google searches. 

I'm happy to work with you to jumpstart your virtual class marketing as well as other aspects of your business. Get in touch to set up an appointment! 

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