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How ClassPass Can Help Grow Your Gym's Client base

ClassPass is the ultimate tool for gym-goers who don’t want to commit to a contract. Here's how ClassPass can help grow your gym's client base.

ClassPass is the ultimate tool for gym-goers who don’t want to commit to a contract at one facility. It allows members to take classes at various gyms and fitness studios using just one pass. So you might be thinking, how can a tool that doesn’t focus on retention help you gain and keep more clients? Believe it or not, it can.

Here’s how ClassPass can help grow your gym’s client base:  

It meets clients where they are

Over 60 million fitness reservations have been made through ClassPass, with strength training being the most popular booking option. Your gym will benefit greatly by being a part of this network. You’ll reach new clients that you otherwise wouldn’t, and those clients have the potential to keep coming back.

It lowers the barrier to entry for new clients

It’s no secret that joining a gym is expensive, and usually, a membership is required in order to enroll in classes. With ClassPass, new clients don’t have to have a membership at your gym to engage with your services. It also means they can keep coming back to take your classes again and again, all without purchasing a membership from you.

It spreads awareness of your gym

A ClassPass client will spend time researching the gyms and classes that are available to them before booking anything. You want your facility to be on this list. It not only attracts local clients shopping around for new classes, but also can bring in non-local clients who are looking for a workout while they’re in town. It opens up a new revenue channel that you didn’t have access to before.

It fills up classes

You only have so many members to fill up your classes, and sometimes there are extra spots available. These spots are perfect for ClassPass clients looking for a last-minute class. Even though the revenue gained from these clients may not be as much as from a full member, it’s still revenue that you otherwise would have missed.

It breeds a different kind of retention

It’s true that you won’t bring in as much revenue from a ClassPass client as you will from a full member, but keep in mind that the clients consistently using ClassPass are doing so because they aren’t ready to commit to one place. Your retention goal is to delight these clients enough that they keep using their ClassPass punches on your classes. You never know, they may enjoy your classes so much that eventually, they do want to commit to a full membership and that will boost business with ClassPass.

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