Do You Have Any of These Bad Business Habits?
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

Everyone wants their business to succeed. But sometimes business owners stand in their own way. Do you have any of these bad business habits? If so, they may be holding your business back from greater success.

Your focus is blurry

I use the term “blurry” here because you might be focusing too much on everything, or too narrowly on one thing. There are a lot of moving parts of your business, and you can’t focus on every one of them all the time. It’s important to delegate to staff where you can as well as integrating systems and software that can help you automate some processes.

On the flip side of this, you might be focusing too much on one aspect of your business, to the detriment of others. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you have the best client retention plan in the world if you don’t have a plan to get clients in the door in the first place.

You aren’t delegating

When it’s your business it can be hard to trust anyone else to manage it as well as you can. But doing all of the work is a recipe for burnout. Delegate to your staff to save your own sanity, but also because sharing responsibilities means issues are less likely to be missed. Empower your staff to handle problems on their own–which means you also need to be careful to not micromanage. You and your staff will be happier when trust exists.

Not delegating is one bad business habit

You aren’t investing enough in your systems

It’s natural to want to save as much money as possible by managing your processes yourself, especially if you’re a new business owner. But you know how the old saying goes: you have to spend money to make money. It’s better to invest in your systems (like scheduling software!) while your business is still young and you are still growing your client list. That way, when you have a lot of clients you’ll already have a system in place to manage them.

You’re over-selling

Of course you want to generate as much revenue as possible from each client, so the temptation to sell, sell, sell is strong. But you want to be careful not to over-sell anything. If a client purchases a membership based on your sales pitch, and then the membership doesn’t live up to what you promised, they are going to churn out. Then they’re going to tell their friends about it. Always be honest with your clients about what your business can and cannot offer.

You’re waiting too long to take action

Are you a proactive business owner or a reactive one? The most successful business owners anticipate and address any issues before they snowball into larger problems. If there is a snag in one of your systems, figure out how to make the process smoother. Talk with frustrated clients before they decide to take their business elsewhere. The more you are able to tackle issues before they become real problems, the happier your clients, your staff, and you will be.

You might have noticed a common theme throughout all of these business habits to break–they all come from a place of wanting your business to succeed so badly. And wanting success is a good thing! Just work to break these habits–or ideally prevent them in the first place!–and business will soar.

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