Pike13 Partner BrandBot Now Offering Landing Pages & NPS Tracking
Posted by Nolie MacDonald

A few months ago Pike13 announced its partnership with BrandBot for creating robust email marketing companies based on Pike13 client data. We are excited to add that now BrandBot also offers Pike13 customers a landing page design tool as well as the ability to track your net promoter score.

Landing Pages

BrandBot's landing pages are optimized to increase conversion rate and revenue. Designing a page requires zero coding experience and is so user-friendly, you will be able to build a responsive landing page in less than 5 minutes. Easily track any Facebook ad results with their Facebook pixel.

Another huge perk of BrandBot landing pages is the ability to sell a pass or plan right from the landing page. If someone begins the checkout process for a purchase but doesn't finish it, BrandBot landing pages allow you to capture more revenue by sending follow up emails for those that abandoned their carts.

You can also set strict permissions on the types of purchases users can make through the landing page, as well as how many items they are allowed to purchase. 


BrandBot Now Offering Landing Pages

Net Promoter Score
NPS tracking toolPromoters (9 or 10)

Promoters are loyal, enthusiastic fans. They sing the company’s praises to friends and colleagues. They are far more likely than others to remain customers and to increase their purchases over time. Moreover, they account for more than 80 percent of referrals in most businesses. They are, in general, pleasant for employees to deal with.

NPS tracking toolPassives (7 or 8)

We call this group "passively satisfied" because this group is satisfied—for now. Their repurchase and referral rates are as much as 50 percent lower than those of promoters. Their referrals are likely to be qualified and less enthusiastic. Most telling: if a competitor’s ad catches their eye, they may defect.

NPS Tracking toolDetractors (0 to 6)

Detractors are unhappy customers. They account for more than 80 percent of negative word-of-mouth. They have high rates of churn and defection. Some may appear profitable from an accounting standpoint, but their criticisms and bad attitudes diminish a company’s reputation, discourage new customers and demotivate employees.

BrandBot will be hosting a free webinar on May 22nd discussing how you can use email marketing and landing pages to map an amazing customer journey and why knowing and tracking your NPS score is so important. Reserve your spot today!

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