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Pike13 Now Partnered with BrandBot for Email Marketing

BrandBot's integration with Pike13 is seamless, allowing Pike13 customers a user-friendly option for email marketing.

Pike13 has partnered with BrandBot to offer seamless integration for email marketing that is specific to Pike13 customers. BrandBot is an ideal choice because you will be able to create segmented lists from all Pike13 data. Apart from the user-friendly interface, BrandBot is also known for optimal customer service.

BrandBot offers easy:
  • Scheduling & sending of emails & newsletters
  • Organizing staff communication via tasks & call reminders 
  • Creating segmented lists 
  • Creating automated email workflows 
  • Communicating with parents regarding child accounts
  • viewing all client activity on timeline
  • Sending of automated SMS texts
  • Designing lead generation landing pages
  • Tracking your net promoter score
Scheduling & sending of emails & newsletters

BrandBot's drag and drop design tool will make your life easy when creating emails. You choose what you wish to add, i.e, text, photo, video, or a call-to-action button etc. and simply drag it over to the desired area you wish to add it. BrandBot is also willing to create customized template options for franchise businesses at no charge. 

Organizing staff communication via tasks & call reminders 

There are times when you would like staff to follow-up with a client. The task management tool in BrandBot will prompt staff when a task is needed to be completed on a client profile. The task can be set by date and assigned to a specific staff member.

Another nice thing about their task management tool is you can easily filter out all tasks by a date range as well as staff member. This will allow your staff to easily see what's on their plate for the day and allow management to see any tasks that were missed.

Creating segmented lists

List segmentation in BrandBot is very easy to create. The options provided for list segmentation are much more specific to Pike13 customers that offer passes and plans that are based on a visit count. Pike13 data automatically refreshes in BrandBot every 20 minutes. Since all client data is pulled from Pike13 into BrandBot, this will allow flexibility in the types of segments you will be able to create and ultimately bring your email marketing to the next level.  

Creating automated email workflows

When creating workflows the process can become rather complex. This has been difficult for many Pike13 customers because many do not have a full-time marketing employee that has the know-how for creating an email marketing automation strategy. BrandBot has extensive experience working with businesses that sell passes, plans, and memberships. Because of this, they are familiar with the types of workflows that are commonly needed among Pike13 customers. They've gone ahead and pre-built out many of the workflows your business will need to thrive.

When strategizing the types of workflows to create, it's important to think about driving sales and avoiding churn. One way to do this is prompting clients when their pass or plan is near expiration. For example, let’s say you are a yoga studio that sells a 10 visit plan. You can set up a workflow that could send the first email upon purchase of the plan thanking them. Then set a delay that will send the second email when they are on their 9th visit prompting them it is soon time to repurchase a plan.

email automation scheduling software

BrandBot also offers campaign goal workflows. For example, if the goal is to have someone purchase a plan, you can advertise that plan and when the plan is purchased it will then turn off the workflow as the goal is met.

 Every interaction with your content can trigger the perfect follow-up or next step automatically.With marketing automation, you can use each lead's behavior to tailor emails, content, offers, and outreach at scale.

Communicating with parents regarding child accounts

If you run a business that has family accounts or your clients are minors, it's likely that you will want the ability to have emails go to the parent or guardian on file. With BrandBot you can easily go into the settings of the dependent and set it so that emails are sent to the parent on file or CC the the parent on file by default.

Viewing all client activity on timeline

The client activity timeline allows you to view all activity for that client at a glance. The timeline is essentially a newsfeed that will show all client activity regarding purchases, enrollments, cancellations, delinquent payments, staff interactions and more.  

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Sending of automated SMS texts

Reach thousands of contacts at once with mass alerts and notifications. Texting is the easiest way to get the word out quickly. With BrandBot you can easily send mass texts to a segmented list as well as automate sending a text message that is dependent on when a rule is met within a workflow.

Texting makes it easy to alert customers about upcoming appointments and events. It takes forever to call everyone on your list, and emails don't get opened. Automated text reminders increase attendance and reduce no-shows.

With a 98% open rate, texting is one the best ways to let your customers know that it’s time to visit your business.

Coming Soon....

In 2019 BrandBot will be releasing a landing page design tool as well as the ability to track your net promoter score. Also, they will be releasing an app that allows you to send and receive company texts to your clients on the go. 

BrandBot is as hands-on as possible to make your life easier when setting up your automations for email marketing campaigns. They will also help sync your BrandBot account to your Pike13 data, pull your unsubscribe list from your previous email provider and build up to 15 workflows for you as part of their complimentary Jumpstart program. 

If you are interested in seeing a comparison between Pike13 email marketing partners, watch our video "Choosing an Email Platform."
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