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7 Areas of Your Facility That Can Benefit from Spring Cleaning

How your facility looks, feels and functions is an enormously important part of the client experience. Here are 7 areas of your facility that might benefit from spring cleaning.

In my last post, I wrote about ways to apply spring cleaning to your digital assets. This week let’s talk about your physical site. How your facility looks, feels and functions is an enormously important part of the client experience. Here are 7 areas of your facility that can benefit from spring cleaning.

1. General Cleanliness

This is the ongoing battle against dust bunnies, spiderwebs, and fingerprints on glass–the cleaning you should be taking care of on a regular basis. For spring cleaning, just give everything an extra scrub.

2. Restrooms and Showers

Like the general cleanliness tasks above, restroom and shower upkeep is likely something you already do on a regular basis. But bathroom scum can be particularly gross, so I think it’s worth calling out on its own. For both aesthetic and health reasons, it’s important to keep your facility’s facilities clean.

3. Facilities Upkeep

This is the stuff you notice, but don’t manage on a daily basis. Does your facility need a fresh coat of paint? Is that light in the corner flickering again? Spring cleaning is great motivation to get those extra tasks done.

4. Equipment Upkeep

Are you yoga mats, instruments, or kettlebells looking worn out? Use spring cleaning as a way to audit your equipment, replacing or updating anything that needs to be.

5. Signs

Does your facility’s sign reflect the most current font and logo? Is it in need of a good cleaning? Your sign is both an advertisement and a first impression for your business, so you’ll want it to look its best!

6. Outside

How does the outside of your facility look? Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Like your signage, your facilities facade makes a first impression so you’ll want it to look nice. This extends to removing any weeds from the parking lot, too.

7. Overall Atmosphere

Does your facility feel like ‘you’? The look and feel of your site should be an extension of your brand. If it doesn’t right now, it’s time for a makeover!

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