Digital Spring Cleaning for Your Business: 6 Tips
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

Ah Spring, that time of year when we all feel pressured into cleaning something. Why not make it your software and other digital assets? You may not find literal dust bunnies, but there is probably a lot of data floating around that you don’t need. Here are a few tips on how to apply some digital spring cleaning to your business.

1. Organize your client list in Pike13

When a client cancels their membership with your business, they are not automatically removed from Pike13. That means that you may be storing a lot of information about clients who no longer visit your place of business. While it’s smart to keep recently churned clients in the system in case they can be convinced to come back, you might consider removing clients who have been absent for years. This same idea can be applied to former staff members who are unlikely to work for you again.

2. Follow up on unpaid invoices

Data about which invoices are unpaid is definitely necessary, but it’s information that can be easily removed from your dashboard by following up with the unpaid clients. This is a true win-win; you get more money and less clutter.

3. Clean up your email lists

When you send out an email blast, do you get a ton of bounces back for reasons like invalid email addresses? Taking the time to remove those invalid emails from your contact list will save you a lot of future inbox clutter, especially if you make it a regular habit after each e-blast.

4. De-clutter your email inbox

How many emails do you delete per day without even opening them? How many of those emails are from the same companies and just trying to sell you something? Next time, open that email and look for the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom. It’s a game changer. And once you’re no longer overwhelmed by sales emails, you may be able to focus on really organizing your inbox.

5. Audit your website

A lot can change in a year for a business. Does your website still reflect the most current information? Are the photos outdated? Do you need to update client testimonials? Comb through your site and determine where changes or updates are needed.

6. Audit your social channels

Did you enthusiastically sign up for Pinterest but then never open the app again? It’s probably best just to close the account. While it’s important for business to have a presence on social channels, it’s better to focus on using a couple of them well rather than trying to have content all of them.

How else do you like to declutter your digital life? Let us know in the comments! 

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