5 More Ways the Right Software Makes Running a Business Easier
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the right software makes staff more efficient. But it’s not just true about staff. It makes clients more efficient, it makes you more efficient, and it makes business overall more efficient. Here are five more reasons why:

You’ll spend less time on data entry

Complicated software can actually add to the amount of time you spend on administration. That’s because you’ll be answering the same client questions again and again. Your software should be intuitive and easy to use–even for someone picking it up for the very first time. Simplicity helps guide clients through the process and yields fewer mistakes that you have to fix later.

Your reporting will be more accurate

I touched on this in the last article: good software helps staff make fewer mistakes. But it helps you and your clients make fewer mistakes, too. That means that when you’re ready to look at your reports, you can be confident that the data you’re seeing is comprehensive and up-to-date. The same is true for your clients; they can be confident that the information they’re seeing in their profiles is accurate, eliminating any billing surprises.

Your client experience will be improved

Allowing your clients the power to manage their own profiles and schedules helps them feel more in control of their experience. They can use your software to quickly browse and book services, and because it’s so easy they’re more likely to do so.

Your client retention rate will increase

People tend to stay with the things that they like. Your clients will appreciate the ease of online booking and payments that the right software can offer. Keep their good experience going through their service time, and you’ll gain a loyal client.

You always have help available when you need it

The right software company will never leave you to your own devices in a time of crisis. At Pike13 we hear time and time again that the very best thing we provide is our customer service. We aren’t surprised by this. We believe that a software company is more than just another vendor–we’re a partner to your business. That means that when our customers have questions or issues, we have account managers, customer care representatives, and API support standing by to help. Your business should never falter because of poor functioning software, and you should never have to worry that it might.

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