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Small Business Survival - Scheduling Software Saves the Day

As a small business owner, you want to find an efficient solution when it comes to managing your clients. This is why a small business needs scheduling software to survive in today's competitive landscape.

When is the right time for a small business to take that leap and invest in a scheduling software solution? The answer is... yesterday.

Investing in a software solution allows a small business to maximize their resources and be as efficient as possible. A small business surviving in today's competitive business landscape requires more than a great product or service. They must also be efficient and forward-thinking. 


It may seem a no-brainer that a small business that places efficiency as a top priority is truly maximizing their resources. However, many small businesses don't realize how spending money on something like software is actually saving them money by eliminating countless hours of non-efficient client management practices.

For example, let's say one of your employees spends hours on the phone calling customers to remind them about their upcoming appointments. Leaving 30 voicemail messages every day is not a productive task for your team members, and studies show that customers actually prefer receiving appointment reminders via email and text messages and are also less likely to be a no-show.

Online scheduling software is easy to set up and use and will solve a host of your business' scalability and productivity challenges. You no longer have to panic when someone asks for a report of their appointment history—you’ll have full access at the click of a button. No more manually reminding customers about their upcoming sessions. Scheduling software will automatically text them prior to their appointments.

Pike13 offers small businesses like yours a one-stop-shop for scheduling and enrolling clients, viewing client information and preferences, managing merchant payment processing, and analyzing data that will provide critical insights into any marketing efforts.

As a small business owner, you want to find an efficient solution when it comes to managing your clients. Request a software demo to see how Pike13 may be that solution you've been seeking.scheduling software demo

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