4 Ways to Retain Clients at Your Gym After the New Years Rush
Posted by Nolie MacDonald

Every year, after the holiday buzz has settled and our newfound energy ignites resolutions for the coming year, gym owners inevitably see an influx of clients looking to shed the lbs. But with all these new people joining in the month of January, how do gyms make it through this New Years rush? Membership options are heavily discounted by most gyms for New Years. It's important to think outside the box on tactics for gym client retention that create an atmosphere that new customers will enjoy. Here are 4 ways to retain clients at your gym after the New Years Rush.gym client retentionA whopping 45% of gym memberships cancel within six months. People lose momentum, find they're not using it as much as they thought they would etc. It is your job to keep customers happy and engaged to reduce the number of cancellations. 

There are many ways to nurture your clients and make their customer satisfaction level high when interacting with your gym. 
  • Staff interaction
  • Class offerings
  • Unexpected membership perks
  • Easy scheduling & recurring billing options available
1. Staff Interaction

Follow up with customers on a regular basis through various communication methods that remind customers your staff is there to help and provide a service.

Encourage customers to set and track goals with customized fitness plans, and follow-up with them to monitor progress. Ongoing communication, motivation tips, and progress sheets can go a long way in nurturing your customer relationships. Pike13 partner, TrainHeroic, offers easy skills tracking and a leadership board to get the competitive juices flowing. Find out more about TrainHeroic

People want to know you are putting their needs first. On the day they sign up, to how they interact with your staff on a regular basis, they want their membership to feel part of a micro-community. Go above and beyond the typical customer service and offer them an experience they can’t get anywhere else. Allow members to get connected with trainers and sign up for regular classes. Follow-up with customers to learn what they think of the gym services, and address any gaps along the way.

Any member, no matter how well versed they are in your gym, wants to feel supported. A full-service experience means guiding them through how to best use certain equipment and offering them customized workout plans that fit their lifestyle. Another key point when hiring staff is the feeling of authenticity. No one wants to feel like they are being sold to. Staff interaction should aim to truly get to know the clients coming in so that every conversation can build a sense of being part of a community.

2. Class Offerings

Every gym has strengths and weaknesses within their class offerings. Why not survey your customers to find out what kind of classes they may enjoy that you aren't currently offering. Also, analyze class attendance for the classes you do offer to pinpoint those that are working and those that are not. It could be the instructor, the time of day, the class type. But the first step is looking at the data for your classes and finally deep diving into why a class may be more or less popular.

3Unexpected Membership Perks

Instead of making the gym a chore, offer membership perks — like classes and special events, that make people want to remain part of your gym family. This will also encourage your customers to get their friends to join your gym, boosting referral business. Host community-wide events with other local organizations, which will enable people to see your space and keep your business connected to the local community. Instead of feeling they are just paying for a gym membership, people will feel they are paying to be part of a thriving community.

Another great way to encourage customer loyalty is by making your members feel like they are receiving the best offer available. Promote a membership deal that keeps customers engaged after the first few months of the year. Encourage customers to seek longer-term discounted memberships to keep them coming back.

4. Easy Scheduling & Recurring Billing Options Available
When a client wants to attend a class they should easily be able to view what classes are available and pay for them with ease. Pike13 software was built on a mobile-first basis that allows your clients to do just that from any mobile device. Offering pre-paid packages and plans are easy and clients are able to input payment information that will pay on a recurring schedule. 
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