5 Ways Building a Fitness Community at Your Gym Increases Revenue
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

More and more, community is becoming a selling point for gyms and fitness studios. Clients want to feel supported in their goals, not just by your staff but by your other clients, too. But why community is important at a gym is more than just a feel-good benefit for your clients; it can actually help increase revenue for your business. Community inspires motivation and loyalty, and that leads to spending.

Here are 5 ways building a fitness community at your gym increases revenue.

1. Increase client retention

The goal of community is to help each one of your clients feel comfortable, supported and motivated. That’s not the type of atmosphere they’ll want to leave. Community inspires happiness, and happiness inspires loyalty.    

2. Increase staff retention

Staff are the heart of your community. They are the people your clients interact with every day and they set the tone for your entire business. When your staff are happy, community thrives, causing staff to want to stick around, which in turn strengthens community even more. You’ll save money by not having to constantly hire and train new staff, and the low staff turnover rate allows your clients to bond more with your instructors.

3. Attract new clients

New clients seek out a sense of a community when they’re shopping for a new gym or fitness studio. They know that they’ll be more motivated if they enjoy spending time at your facility with your staff and other clients. So when talking to prospects, be sure to emphasize whatever your community “vibe” is. It may be even more important than your services as a selling point to a client.

4. Bolster referral programs

There’s no stronger marketing tool than a happy client. They’ll talk about you to their friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else who shows interest. If you have a referral program set up this is a great way to bring in new clients. You can take this even further by setting up special, free community events that allow new clients to try out your classes. The free class might bring them through the door, but it’s the community that will bring them back again.

5. Sell your brand

When community is strong at your gym, retail will fly off of your shelves. That’s because people are eager to wear your logo and show that they are a part of the family. Your loyal clients will be proud to wear your brand. And not only are they spending more money on retail, but they are happily turning themselves into walking advertisements for your business.

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