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The 4 Best Internet Marketing Tools for 2019: Webinar Recap

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Last week Pike13 teamed up with 97 Display to present a webinar about website marketing trends for 2019 and the tools every business needs to thrive. 97 Display specializes in websites for fitness business, using data to optimize performance and conversion.

Tim Sarazen, Director of Operations at 97 Display, discussed the 4 tools that every successful business needs for their website, based on detailed analysis of data and trends.

The Basics of Website Traffic

internet marketing toolsTo optimize internet marketing, it’s important to understand the two different ways that users come to your website. For a service business, inbound customers are in your local market actively searching for a service like yours. Outbound customers are responding to a specific offer they’ve seen in an ad or email, which makes them consider if they should be in the market for your services.

This matters because, depending on how the user found your content, they’ll be thinking and behaving differently. It is up to you to provide what the user is looking for.

The Marketing Goal: Build Trust

The prospect will choose your business if they trust you. So your website needs to build that trust. 97 Display data shows that website visitors are going to look at three specific pages on your site: the home page, the reviews page, and the staff page. So, it makes sense to focus on optimizing those pages.

  • Home Page: Don’t be a narcissist, speak to the user, give a clear value proposition, and highlight one or two CTAs.

  • Reviews Page: “[your business] reviews” is a common search term for a user searching for a service- or class-based business. So for SEO purposes you should absolutely have one on your website.

  • Staff Page: Use professional headshots, and consider video to humanize your brand.

The webinar goes into much more detail here, so be sure to check it out!

The 4 Tools You Need in 2019

Taking into account data, consumer and technology trends, and user behavior, here are the 4 tools that the experts at 97 Display recommend on your website:

1. Bots

Chat bots are taking the place of more traditional chat boxes for two main reasons. The first is that users want instant response, and bots allow that to happen even outside of business hours. The second, and more important one for a business owner, is that bots can pre-qualify a lead by capturing basic information. You’ll know if a lead is right for your business before you or a staff member uses time and resources marketing to them. 

2. Landing Pages 

You’ve probably seen tons of these before. Landing pages promote a specific offer, and remove anything from the page that doesn’t have to do with it. These pages are part of the click funnel (piquing interest to move a prospect towards purchase) and are crucial for outbound marketing.

Landing pages are perfect for Facebook, AdWords, and email campaigns. There are tons of tools available, which means you should be able to find one that’s right for your business.

3. SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are how the user knows your website is secure. Originally, only sites capturing credit card information needed this information, but today it affects SEO for any website. Google will give preference to websites with an SSL certificate, so it’s important to get one now. You can obtain one for an annual fee through your domain host.

4. Proof

Proof is a plugin that allows anyone viewing your website to see other members of their community that are signing up for your programs. The user is more likely to sign up for your services if they see others doing the same. 97 Display has seen a 1% increase in conversion rates on websites using Proof. That may seem like a small number, but it’s significant when considering the lifetime value of a client.


Learn more information, tips and tricks by watching the webinar.