So You Want to Start Offering Classes at Your Gym
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

Maybe you’re a potential gym owner with a dream. Maybe you’re an existing gym owner trying to expand beyond only having an open workout area. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to start offering classes at your gym.

So what are some things to think about when offering fitness classes at your gym?

What types of classes are your clients interested in?

This question might be harder to answer for a brand new gym owner, but the best way to find out what kind of classes your clients are interested in is to simply ask them. Survey your clients to find out the types of classes they want to take, and then work with your staff to start offering them. That way, when you roll out your new class schedule, you already know that your clients are interested.

What types of classes are you able to offer?

It’s great that your clients are interested in a cycling class, but if you don’t have 20 bikes ready to go in a dedicated classroom you’re out of luck. Be realistic about your facility and what you and your staff can handle. You might need to hire additional staff to be able to meet your clients’ needs. This isn’t a bad thing–it means your business has great potential for growth.

Which class metrics you are going to track

There are a lot of different ways to track classes, so you’ll want to pick the metrics that give you the best information, help you identify gaps where the client experience can be improved, and enable you to take meaningful action. You might use attendance metrics how many clients show up for which classes. You might look at what days or times have the highest attendance rates so you can optimize your schedule. Determine what metrics are important for your business goals, and track them from the beginning.

Software helps you track metrics for offering classes at your gym

It May Not Be an Overnight Success

In your first days of offering classes, you might find that clients lose some of their initial enthusiasm. That’s ok–and fixable. Talk to them about what they like about your classes and what they might change. Use this feedback to adjust and improve the client experience, and soon your class schedule will be thriving.

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