Product Features Update - Q3
Posted by Nolie MacDonald

The development team has been busy enhancing your Pike13 platform's functionality. Let’s review what’s new with your Pike13 and how you may find it useful moving forward. 

Payer ID Now in Financial Reports

This allows you to export client and financial reports and have a common factor to link them together in Excel. Using the payer ID instead of the client ID provides a way to combine transactional details with a payer’s contact information.

Parent name, Email, and Phone Now in Client Passes & Plan Report 

Are you a kid-based business that wants to send emails to the parents? Now you can easily create a report displaying the account manager's information. This added feature will allow you to easily extract a list of emails, names, kid names, and plan information. Once you export this list, you can send targeted emails through your email marketing tool.

Proration Override 

If you are a business that bills on a set date of the month and offers a set number of sessions per week or month, this feature is for you. We now give you the option to set how much the first payment is and how many visits the client will receive in that first week or month.

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