Maintain Brand Consistency with the Pike13 Lock Down Feature

Your brand is one of the most valuable aspects of your business. You worked hard to create and build up your brand, whether as a franchise or an individual owner, and you want to protect it. Pike13 has a means of helping you “lock down” the look and feel of your franchise sites, as well as ensuring that your service offerings and Pike13 sites remain uniform. This is particularly important for consistent reporting information if you are utilizing a site manager.

Acting on feedback from our largest franchise customers, Pike13 developed a new feature set that can be enabled upon request. This enhancement allows you to lock down a variety of aspects on your Pike13 sites, restricting the ability to make changes to the accounts’ primary owner. The Pike13 lock down feature maintains brand consistency for franchises and multi-location businesses. Some aspects of the lock down are as simple as maintaining a uniform and consistent “look” for your sites (standardized logo, service colors, etc.) or ensuring that services are referred to the same across all locations.  

Whether you are an existing or growing franchise that wants to establish or protect your brand, or even as a stand-alone business owner who may have well-intentioned managers/staff making changes in your Pike13, the lock down feature is a quick and easy way to ensure that only approved changes are made to many key aspects of your site. Please note, however, that you or your franchise owners would need to “clean up” any inconsistencies or errors between your sites before enabling the lock down feature. Once the feature is enabled, you can rest assured that these aspects of your business cannot be altered.   

The lock down feature is an “all or nothing” enhancement. It is NOT possible to pick and choose which aspects of Pike13 you wish to lock down. If you choose to utilize this feature, all of the areas below will be protected and standardized:

  • Create/delete/update a pass or plan, as well as their revenue categories or descriptions

  • Create/delete a new service

  • Update a service name, revenue or service category, or description

  • Create/delete/update a service category or details

  • Create/delete/update a revenue category or name

  • Update/view advanced settings for general info, contact info, logo, colors and client website

  • Remove ability to change service colors on Pike13 calendar

  • Remove ability to change whether a pass/plan makes someone a member

Locking down these aspects of your Pike13 site can ensure standardized information rolls up in your reporting, as well as ensuring that your branding stays consistent. Existing franchises should be sure to work closely with individual owners before enacting these changes as owners will lose the ability to make changes they may be accustomed to doing. However, working in tandem with owners and managers, the Pike13 Lock Down feature can be an effective means of managing growth while maintaining brand purity.