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You Asked For It: Introducing the New Insights Reporting Feature

Front Desk Insights uses data to help businesses understand their health and provides core actionable measurements so the business can continue to grow.

Pike13 is dedicated to your business and your success, and when you asked for a more powerful reporting dashboard, we listened.

Insights gives you the data you need to grow your businessInsights is based on years of experience helping small businesses grow. We understand what it takes to successfully run a fitness or fine arts studio. We’ve removed the noisy data that causes confusion, providing you with the key data points that you need to take meaningful action for your business. See the full list of Insights features. 


How Does Insights Help My Business Grow?

Data that’s accessible.
With Insights you won’t waste time hunting around for information or setting up custom reports. Insights presents the key data points that any business owner in the personal services industry needs to know, in one spot, with clear language and visuals. 

Data that’s relevant.
There’s no “nice to know” information here. Insights focuses on the information you need to know to impact your business today. Every metric is backed with automated reports that can be acted on. Three clients no-showed today? No problem, here are their names and contact information.

Data that’s actionable.
Insights is focused on what’s happening in your business right now. Which clients do you need to reach out to today? What’s currently blocking revenue from coming into your bank account? Insights tells you what actions you can take right now to make a meaningful impact on your business.

What’s Included in Insights?

Insights focuses on the data you need to know now. And the feature is mobile-friendly, so you can easily check the status of your business from wherever you are. See the full list of Insights features. 

Know at-a-glance how much money is coming in, how much money is at risk, and which clients you need to follow up with. Easily see data on refunds, past-due invoices, and failed transactions.

Client Information.
Quickly see data on new clients, membership status, and clients at risk. This is where you’ll find information on new and expiring memberships, no shows, unpaid visits, and more.

And this is just the beginning. Pike13 is growing too, and we’ll continue to add and update features based on your business needs.

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