Improve Client Retention at Your Gym with Skills Tracking Software
Posted by Katie Zacharkiw

As a gym owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve client retention. One effective way to increase client loyalty is to inspire investment in improving themselves. Skills tracking software helps with this, and when clients associate that success with your business, they, in turn, become more loyal to you.

Here are the ways you can improve client retention at your gym with skills progression tracking software:

Visualize Progress and Goals

When it’s easy to visualize results, it’s easy for the client to find the motivation they need to keep going. Skills tracking software lets clients see their progress as easily as they can feel it. And when clients are invested in that upward trend, they’ll enthusiastically sign up for classes and training sessions. The more their progress improves, the happier they’ll be.

Perhaps most importantly, software tracks progress over time. This is important because, especially with something like fitness, results will not happen overnight. Tracking long-term progress shows clients that their efforts are paying off.

athlete profile train heroicMake Progress Fun

Working towards something and then actually seeing results makes anything more enjoyable, including exercise. The data visualization can make progress feel more like a game that encourages clients to push further each time they work out. And a good game is easy to invest in.

Create more personalized goals and training plans

Skills tracking software can reveal where your clients are strong and where they need improvement. Your staff can use the tracking data to personalize training plans for each client and then track those goals. It’s a great way for clients and staff to engage together, strengthen community, and build a lasting relationship.

Create friendly competition

Nothing sparks motivation like a little competition. That’s why so many CrossFit gyms utilize leaderboards. They encourage clients to strive to be their best by doing just a little bit more, and the public nature of the leaderboard creates urgency around it. Of course, not everyone will want to participate in a leaderboard, so make sure you also have a way for clients to keep their data private if they choose.

Success by Association

When clients are seeing results at your gym, they partly attribute your gym to their success. Skills tracking software emphasizes this. Clients will associate their progress with the motivation and training provided by your staff, your facility, and the community you offer. That’s when they become long-term, loyal clients.  

It’s Just Easier

People liked to track their fitness progress long before skills tracking software existed. They just did it with good ol' pen and paper. Skills tracking software stores progress accurately and reliably, and can automatically generate the visualizations. It’s a fun, easy way for clients to see how much they’ve grown without having to do a ton of manual work.

Pike13 partnered with Train Heroic to bring our customers the ability to get better insights into how your athletes are performing, to better track progress, and to build long-lasting relationships that help you build your business.

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