Empowering Your Staff with Permission Levels in Pike13
Posted by Todd Guisinger

Empowering staff has many advantages. By relinquishing more control, your staff becomes closer to your business and, therefore, gains a better understanding of the day-to-day workings of your operation. It allows them to gain skills that benefit their professional growth and can relieve you of some of your daily duties, freeing up your time to concentrate on what is most important like client satisfaction and growing your business. And, allotting more responsibility also helps to build trust and leads to better communication by opening doors for dialogue with your staff.   

Did you know that there are a variety of roles available to your staff within Pike13? The Pike13 platform allows you as the Primary Owner to empower your staff through the assignment of various responsibilities. On the flip side of that coin, you are also able to restrict the abilities of certain staff members.  For example, maybe you want a certain staff member to be able to take attendance but not have the ability to add a Class.

By assigning different responsibilities, you are able to segment tasks associated with your business and, in turn, making roles more transparent for your employees.

Here are the Roles available through Pike13 and permissions associated with each:

Primary Owner

The primary owner is ultimately responsible for the Pike13 site. They have all access rights and views into all of reporting. Only the primary owner can assign a new primary owner to replace them.


Owners have the ability to manage all aspects of the Pike13 site. Owners can add and manage staff members, services, plans and passes, and create documents. They also have full views in reporting.


A manager has permission to add and manage staff members, services, plans & passes, and documents.

Staff Members

Staff members can view the full schedule, sell products, add new clients, and take attendance.

Limited Staff Members

Limited staff members can only view their own schedules and have limited access to info about the clients they serve. Limited staff members cannot accept payments.

Pike13 also has a Staff App available for all staff members regardless of level. The Staff App allows a quick sign in process using a mobile phone.

In short, empowering your employees allows you to delegate a clear path of responsibility while at the same time allowing them to gain valuable new experience that will, in turn, benefit themselves as well as your business.

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