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Communication and Engagement Strategies During Studio Closures [WEBINAR]

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Earlier this week we teamed up with our partner BrandBot to share tips for keeping clients engaged while studios are closed due to coronavirus. Communication and engagement are more important than ever while physically distanced from clients–and it’s the key to bringing in revenue during this time. 

The event began with a webinar presentation from Michelle Van Horn of BrandBot, touching on the areas of 

  • Minimizing revenue loss
  • Driving engagement outside the four walls of your studio
  • Mitigating panic, fear and reaction from clients
  • Communicating your operational strategy

After the webinar presentation, we had an informal discussion with participants about the challenges they’re facing. Business owners shared struggles and success stories, swapped ideas, and offered motivating messages to others. It was a testament to the strength of the Pike13 community. 

WATCH: Communication and Engagement Strategies During Studio Closures

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Let us know what you thought in the comments! We hope you’ll join us for more events like this in the future.