5 Ways to Improve Owner to Client Relationships

Clients who are happy stay longer, feel better about their decision that they chose your organization and are more likely to recommend your services to their friends. Here are 5 ways to improve owner to client relationships.

As a business owner you know that it is of paramount importance that you maintain positive relationships with your clients. Clients who are happy stay longer, feel better about their decision that they chose your organization and are more likely to recommend your services to their friends. It’s not only important to start developing these relationships earlier on but to also maintain them. Your goal should be to create as well as continually develop a “strong” connection. So, how do you create that bond?

Here are a few keystones to help improve owner to client relationships:

1. Maintain consistent communication

It is important to maintain contact with your clients on a regular basis. You want to be consistent with reaching out but not to become too overwhelming. We all are bombarded by emails on a daily basis, so as a business owner you have to be careful not to irritate or frustrate your clients by becoming a nuisance.  Many business owners find that reaching out once a month is adequate.

2. Show client appreciation

Show your clients you care! Throw a party for your clients every now and then to express your gratitude. Another idea is to have a “customer appreciation” day.  You could invite your clients to your facility and offer them games, food and drinks. Maybe raffle off a unique prize or free services. Encourage them to bring “potential” clients (i.e. their family and friends) to your get togethers.

3.  Acknowledge loyalty

Offer incremental rewards to your clients for remaining with your organization. For example, offer a free session after 6 months of visits or offer them a free t-shirt or sweatshirt after a year. Who doesn’t like to receive something for free. 

4.  Create newsletters

Let your clients know what is going on with your organization.  A newsletter is a great way to provide updates as to what is happening behind the scenes with your organization. Maybe you are going to be offering some new services or you are making changes to your facility.  Let them know so that they are informed of what is coming down the pike. Having a sense of growth and knowledge of what is coming down the pike at your facility encourages retention. You could also have a profile section within the newsletter highlighting a client and their achievements. You may even want to use this vehicle to offer coupons or promotions.  

5.  Provide personal “one-on-one" contact

Depending on the size of your organization, you may be able to make the time for a quick 10 minute check in. You can ask to meet with your clients in person on just a quick check in phone call. Private contact shows your clients that they are not just another number, and that you have a personal interest in how they are doing. Discussions on a personal level can also benefit your business by gaining insight and recommendations as to how your clients feel about how your business is being run.

Developing strong and positive relationships with your client not only increases their satisfaction but encourages loyalty, as well. They will also be more likely to recommend your organization to their friends and family.

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