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5 Stats to Help Increase Gym Member Retention

Member retention is an important goal for any gym owner, so how you get your gym members to stay? Here are 5 stats to help improve gym member retention.

Member retention is an important goal for any gym owner, so how you get gym members to stay? Sometimes it’s all in the numbers. Years of market research has established the main reasons why a member might quit a service, and the statistical warning signs you should be on the lookout for. 

Here are 5 stats to help increase gym member retention: 

  • It costs at least 3x as much to acquire a new client than it costs to retain an existing client 

This particular stat is more to emphasize why client retention is so important. It not only gives you a steady client base but also saves you a ton of money in the long-run. That’s because it’s easier to market to someone already familiar with your business, and because people generally don’t switch services without a compelling reason to do so. 

  • The average rate of client retention for a gym or fitness studio is about 75%

This is good news for your gym! Retention rates are high at fitness studios because clients prefer to find a facility and instructors they like and stick with it out of convenience. All your gym has to do is be awesome. Focus on creating a great client experience and creating the kind of supportive and welcoming community that people want to be a part of. 

Attendance is key. New clients with low attendance rates are not getting much value out of their membership, and therefore are more likely to churn from your business. You can prevent some of this churn by following up with clients with low attendance rates and imploring them to come back. Sometimes all the client needs is a little nudge to start attending classes again, but you can also try to lure them back with a discount or other deal. 

  • Retention rates increase when group classes are offered

Especially among younger clients (18-25), group fitness classes are the key to retention. Clients are attracted to the community of a group class. It allows them to socialize and being part of a group holds them more accountable for attendance.

group classes increase retention by up to 75%

This stat speaks to community and the importance of making new members feel welcomed and supported. Take the time to reach out to new members to learn about their fitness goals and help form a plan to reach them. It can be intimidating joining a new gym, especially if you’re new to working out, so be there to answer any questions and reassure your new clients that you’re there to help. 

Increasing client retention is the single most important thing your gym can do to increase long-term revenue. What will you do today to make your clients happy?

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