The Paper Signature is Dead: 3 Reasons You Need Smartwaiver
Posted by Nolie MacDonald

We are officially in a digital age, and how you run your business will inevitably need to keep up with those paperless standards. Whatever your business, there are often contracts, waivers etc. that must be signed and collecting those signatures has never been easier with the cloud-based e-signature collection offered through companies like Smartwaiver and here are 3 reasons why e-signatures will make running your business that much easier.

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1. High Level of Security

Believe it or not, electronic signatures are safer and more secure than traditional paper documents. Not only do they contain a signature, but they also contain traceable information on who signed the document, when they signed it, and where they signed it. That's much stronger and more enforceable than your average paper-based transaction.

2. Convenient

Many businesses are on the go, and their clients are as well. Making the process of signing any necessary paperwork as convenient as possible drastically improves the overall customer experience. Electronic signatures allow for remote authentication, which makes it a much more convenient solution than the alternative of mailing and/or printing and scanning and Smartwaiver allows your customers to sign from any mobile device.

3. Faster Turnaround

The convenience of electronic signatures means there's a much faster turnaround. Instead of sending a document to one party, getting them to print, sign, and scan it, sending it to the next party, and repeating the process down the line, everyone can sign off within seconds. This faster turnaround gives businesses greater versatility in time-sensitive situations.

Pike13 now integrates with Smartwaiver. When a new client wishes to schedule a class or appointment at your business, Pike13 software can be set to automatically prompt them to sign desired waivers. This includes parents signing waivers on behalf of minors.

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