Webinar Recap: How to Master TrainHeroic
Posted by Nolie MacDonald

This week Pike13 teamed up with TrainHeroic to present a webinar about how to train more effectively using TrainHeroic. Here is a recap...

Josh Sutchar, with TrainHeroic, hosted a webinar providing insight into the TrainHeroic platform and how coaches can train athletes more efficiently.

TrainHeroic Capabilities

TrainHeroic allows coaches to create libraries of workout content that may easily be plugged into an athlete or team for a specified date range or by simply copying and pasting from the calendar view.

Coaches gain access to easy schedule management for both athletes and teams. Athlete accounts allow you to drill down into individualized needs and scoring assessment. Teams allows you to quickly make modifications to schedules, training plans and gauge overall effectiveness for the team as a whole. There is also an analytics section of TrainHeroic where you may see red flags for an athlete's performance, allowing you to make adjustments to your training regimen. 

Athletes are able to open the TrainHeroic app and input their performance data with ease. These results can then be tracked against teammates via the leaderboard functionality.

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