Should Your Studio Get a Mobile App?
Posted by Nolie MacDonald

Why is it so important that your studio has an app? You may be asking yourself why you would bother having a client app when you have a mobile- friendly website. There is inherent marketing value choosing to have a mobile app as well as a mobile website. Consumers spend on average 3 hours per day interacting with a mobile device and 90 percent of those 3 hours are spent interacting with apps and only 10 percent on mobile websites.

Nowadays small businesses need to meet the consumer where they are. Today's consumer is:

  • more dependent than ever on their mobile devices 
  • expects information on demand
  • tends to use apps where there is brand loyalty
Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

branded-client-app-005While we know that 90% of activity is on apps, it is also important to acknowledge how an app vs. a website can be useful in the eyes of the consumer.

A mobile website is ideal for attracting new customers, whereas an app is ideal for creating loyal customers.

When it comes to lead generation, your website will be able to track referral source. This is important for any business owner to better capture return on investment as it pertains to marketing spend. 

The most successful marketers use their mobile website to attract new customers and convince them to download their app— generating an opportunity for profitable, ongoing relationships.

Email vs. Push Notifications

Email notifications that your studio had a change in class time or a reminder of an upcoming class are great. But it is important to note that 47-80% acknowledge a push notification compared to 20-25% open rate for email.

Royalty Points at Checkout

Another perk of the Pike13 Client App is our integration with Perkville.  Perkville will automatically allocate rewards points on any purchases made through the app.

Tap into your existing customer base and offer them an incentive to download the Pike13 Client App; discount coupon, handful of loyalty points perhaps.

While small businesses have been somewhat hesitant in the past to jump into the mobile app market, today’s highly mobile consumers make competing in the mobile realm a necessity for businesses of every size. Having a mobile website is a great first start, but a mobile app gives you the edge in creating a loyal customer base.

visitsThe Pike13 Client App

Pike13 offers two mobile client apps; one is branded to your business and the other is branded to Pike13. Your clients can login to your business by downloading the app onto their Apple or Android device. Functionality is identical on both the custom branded and Pike13 branded client apps. The main difference will be no setup fee for the Pike13 Client App and a significantly reduced monthly fee.

With the Pike13 Client App and Branded App clients can easily manage their schedules, find upcoming activities, purchase plans and passes, and manage their payment methods. It puts your business in their pockets, increasing client engagement and retention.

Pike13 Client App