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A new home for Pike13

A new home for Pike13


The Pike13 team is growing and spreading across the country—Seattle, Bend, Dallas, Reno, San Luis Obispo, Denver, and now even Chicago! So it was a big deal that Monday marked the first time that we were all able to meet in person. It’s been a great opportunity for our team to collaborate in person and work to make Pike13 better for you!

Monday night we celebrated the grand opening of our new Seattle office in style. We’re lucky enough to be located directly above Elysian Brewery, and what better place to celebrate than a local brewery? Thanks to the folks at Elysian for hosting us!

Here are some photo highlights of the evening, as well as a shot of most of us in the new digs where the Pike13 team can gather from far and wide.

We’re excited to be settling in and getting to work onboarding hundreds of new clients. Thanks to those who helped us celebrate and for all of your support to date. Now back to work!





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