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The software you trust to be a partner to your business, now with a new name and look. 


To our community,

You might be noticing that Front Desk looks a little bit different. That’s because today we officially adopted our new name–Pike13.

There are a couple of reasons for this change. One is practical. “Front Desk” is a somewhat generic company name that sometimes gets confused with other “Front Desk” products in the market.

But more importantly, we’ve been through a lot together over the past few years. Our team has had some time to reflect on our mission and how we can be the best possible partner for the businesses we serve. And we all agreed that we are more than just a business “Front Desk.” Our software is mission critical for our customers. So we wanted a new name that would keep us grounded and focused as we grow.

Pike13 reflects that for us. It represents where we started and who we are. We were born in Seattle and our office is at the corner of E. Pike Street and 13th Avenue. We were founded by a small group of local CrossFit gym owners and software folks. We’re part of the community. And community is a big deal for us.

We are a band of CrossFitters, yoga teachers, dance instructors, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts all committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses help their own communities to lead healthier, fitter, more enriched and balanced lives.

Our new logo is a signpost that keeps us focused on that mission. It reminds us that “Pike & 13th” represents community. It represents businesses on every corner in every neighborhood in every town and city. Businesses that thrive by fostering strong connections with their clients and the communities they serve.

We are energized by this name change, and we will be focusing that energy on continuing to serve you the best we can: building the best products, providing the best customer care, and delivering the best experience you can find in the industry.

Annette Eyraud
President, Pike13

Annette Eyraud

Written by Annette Eyraud

President of Pike13